Getting Started

This is to Easy...

Step #1:  Register with an online casino (or go in person if you can)

There is not really one better than the other. I use all of these and they have fast withdrawals.

1) Betonline

2) Xbet

3) MyBookie

4) BetUSR

Step #2:  Buy some Bitcoin and Make a Deposit. Read Why Bitcoin?

Use bitcoin to fund your sportsbook account. Read How to Buy Bitcoin?
In short the casinos love when you use bitcoin and they make it really easy to do so. It makes deposits and withdrawals fast and easy.  Tip: Remember to only deposit what you can afford to loose.

Step #3:  Your Ready to place your bets! Start Your FREE Trial

There will be no guesswork. I will send your daily picks to your email.

Step #4:  Use profits from your free trail to buy more picks!

Step #5:  Rinse and Repeat.....

Step #6:  Take Profit!  Request a withdrawal every other week. This allows your bankroll to grow plus it help keeps you under the radar. Also, when you start winning it's a good idea to rotate sportsbooks. They don't like it when you win all the time, so spread it out!

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