Why Bitcoin?

We use Bitcoin for a couple reasons.

Main reason is Paypal and other traditional merchant account providers simply do not allow anything related to gambling and money making opportunities. It is considered very high risk.

Other reason is the online casinos we use make it easier on us when we make deposits and withdrawals using Bitcoin.

So keeping everything Bitcoin just makes it easy.

Bitcoin has gotten really east to buy these days so it's not a big deal.

See How To Buy Bitcoin


How do you withdraw your crypto profits?

Exchanges (which you’ll use to purchase crypto) have a “sell” option that lets you sell your crypto back into a fiat currency, like the US dollar. It’s not much different than transferring money from one bank to the next, or one account to another.

Every exchange does it a bit differently, so check with your exchange on how to convert crypto into fiat currency and transfer to your bank.

If your in the USA Cash App makes buying and selling Bitcoin super easy.

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