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Try before you buy. No credit card needed.

We get it. There are a bunch of scams in this industry and we don't have any credentials on any of the major capper sites. That's why we are offering Try before you Buy! We will send you premium picks FREE for 3 days.

We know that you will love the results and will order one of our packages.

To start your free trial simply contact us we will have all set within a few hours depending on the time of day.

Please send direct to

Please send me your best email and or number to text your picks to.

If you use our contact form on the site your set up could be delayed.

Note* Due to a few people trying to get one over on me by signing up for multiple free accounts using different email I will Only Be Sending 1-2 Premium Picks a day for the Free Trail.  You will still be able to get a good feel for the service with these picks.

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